Bazi Essentials Series-Meet your Day Master and get to know yourself!: Wu (Yang) Earth

Bazi Essentials Series-Meet your Day Master and get to know yourself!: Wu (Yang) Earth by Joey Yap

ISBN10: 9675395206
ISBN13: 978-9675395208
Author: Joey Yap
Title: Bazi Essentials Series-Meet your Day Master and get to know yourself!: Wu (Yang) Earth
Publisher: JY Books Sdn Bhd; 1st Edition edition (September 1, 2009)
Language: English
Size ePub: 1636 kb
Size PDF: 1771 kb
Rating: 4.0/5
Votes: 285
Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality

Bazi Essentials Series-Meet your Day Master and get to know yourself!: Wu (Yang) Earth by Joey Yap

What is the Wu Earth Day Master personality like? How do you behave and operate in your day-to-day life?

The Wu Earth Day Master personality in a nutshell is stable, loyal, and contemplative. You are elusive and discreet and hold a thousand secrets. You are the trustworthy one whom everyone can count on.

Find out more about yourself in terms of Character, Career, Relationships and Wealth in this concise and easy-to-understand book. It lays out your personality quirks, strengths, and weakness. It explains the how's and why's of your Wu Earth personality traits, and clarifies in detail the factors that make you what you are!

You'll also learn quick tips and ideas on how you can let your Wu Earth personality thrive.

This book, in other words, is all about YOU!

Why BaZi Essentials?BaZi is system of Chinese Astrology known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. BaZi literally translates to mean 'Eight Characters,' because the eight characters are derived from four pairs of characters - hence, the four pillars. BaZi translates our birth information - specifically the year, month, day, and hour of birth into four pillars known as Jia Zi. And what are these Eight Characters? They are made up of the Yin and Yang variations of the Five Elements (Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth).

The idea for the BaZi Essentials series of books began out of my wish to simplify what is a sophisticated, multifaceted study of authentic Chinese Astrology into something a little easier to digest. Too many people are only familiar with the "12 Animal Year Signs" type of Chinese Astrology. But the true form of character traits in Chinese Astrology stems from the Day of Birth, not the animal sign of the Year of Birth.

If you've read my previous books on BaZi, BaZi - The Destiny Code and BaZi - The Destiny Code Revealed, or even taken any classes on the subject, you probably know that there is really NO end to BaZi studies. There may be a finite amount of theory or principles to learn, but the methods of application and interpretation are endless. And that's precisely why BaZi is a consistently intriguing and exciting field of Destiny study!

But every form of knowledge has to start somewhere. And BaZi essentially begins with the Day Master, or the Day Stem. This is basically - YOUR DAY OF BIRTH.

The Day Master is the most important reference point for BaZi analysis. Before you can go anywhere with using BaZi to analyse your life, you begin with the Day Master - which denotes your basic nature and character. It denotes WHO YOU ARE at the most fundamental level. Therefore, it follows that people who are of the same Day Master share similar traits.

The BaZi Essentials Series has ten books, with each one focusing on one individual Day Master. So, if you're a Wu Earth Day Master, refer to yourself as a "Wu Earth person"; instead of "Yang Earth person".

In BaZi, the concept of STRONG or WEAK elements plays a big role in determining how 'Wu' you are.

So bear in mind that even if you are a Wu Earth Day Master, whether or not you display the traits covered here to a greater or lesser degree depends very much on the strength and quality of your Day Master. The Day Stem is but one part of the chart, and there are 3 other Stems and 4 Earthly Branches to consider in your complete chart. These other parts of the chart will influence the strength and quality of your Day Master.

BaZi Astrology is a study that helps us understand ourselves, make better decisions, and ultimately, enables us to shape our life for the better

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