Atlantis: A Tale of the Earth

Atlantis: A Tale of the Earth by Roger J. Didio

ISBN10: 0967276004
ISBN13: 978-0967276007
Author: Roger J. Didio
Title: Atlantis: A Tale of the Earth
Publisher: Atlantea Pr; First Edition edition (August 1, 1999)
Language: English
Size ePub: 1371 kb
Size PDF: 1907 kb
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 435
Subcategory: Mythology & Folk Tales

Atlantis: A Tale of the Earth by Roger J. Didio

Before Camelot, before Avalon and Middle Earth, there was Atlantis. And now, at the dawn of the Third Millennium, the greatest civilization the world has ever known rises again in an epic fantasy adventure. For the first time in modern fiction comes the promise of unraveling the "mystery" at the source of all of these legends, and the lure of exploring a new yet somehow familiar world teeming with heroes and villains...both human and nonhuman. The greatest unsolved mystery of all time, the War in Heaven and battle for the fate of the Earth, the Great Flood and sinking...all of this and more come to life in Atlantis: A Tale of the Earth.

Follow Adima, a royal son of Atlantis, and his wife, Cybele, priestess of the Temple of Poseidon, on their heroic journey as they race against time and the mighty forces of darkness and evil to save a world. Courageously facing the fears they share with all humankind, aptly aided by the cunning of the Wolf Woman, the magic of the Hermit of the Light, and the Wisdom of the Great Mother Earth Herself, they step forth to challenge the darkest and most dreaded villain that ever lived. Gasp as Belial, a deranged, malevolent giant--huge and pale and utterly evil--tampers with forces he can barely fathom. Shudder as he accepts the magical, mystical Spear of Destiny from the hands of the Puppetmaster and rises up to bring the destruction about. Thrill as the final battle rages.

Here is the first of a new genre of fiction--not quite science fiction, not pure fantasy-adventure, more than an historical novel. Neither is it pure allegory or parable, nor a simple reworking of ancient myth and legend. Instead, Atlantis is a blending of all of these genres--a seamless tapestry that interweaves science, literature, folklore, and mythology with occult mysticism and traditional and modern philosophy. Add to this strong and effective visual descriptions, compelling action and dialog, and ancient technological "special effects." The result is a timeless romantic adventure with universal appeal--a Modern Myth that will thrill, amuse, educate, and inspire readers and keep them coming back for more.

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