Critical Reflections on Black History:

Critical Reflections on Black History: by William D. Wright, W. D. Wright

ISBN10: 027597443X
ISBN13: 978-0275974435
Author: William D. Wright, W. D. Wright
Title: Critical Reflections on Black History:
Publisher: Praeger (March 2002)
Language: English
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Size PDF: 1800 kb
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 253
Subcategory: Humanities

Critical Reflections on Black History: by William D. Wright, W. D. Wright

Wright presents this collection of six essays on aspects of black history. Each essay is based upon a critical historical methodology that is comprised of, among other things, a racial analysis, an intersectional analysis, rigorous logic, conceptual integrity, and a critical analysis of ideas, words, and images. Critical of the romantic approach to the subject, Wright seeks to uncover a deeper analysis, knowledge, and truth regarding aspects of black history, even when it involves the presentation of material and viewpoints that some might find objectionable. He predicates these pieces on the idea that history is still a valuable subject, firmly rejecting the postmodern view that it has lost its validity.

Wright demonstrates that black history is a vital and necessary subject, not only for black people, but for all Americans. A critical black history is itself, Wright contends, a device to evaluate American history in a critical manner, to get into the subject more deeply, and to adduce deeper knowledge and truths about it. These essays show the author's interest in strengthening that critical capacity of black historical writing and his belief that this is a primary and necessary means to maintain the viability and productivity of the academic discipline and to ward off its detractors.

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