Interactive Dynamic System Simulation

Interactive Dynamic System Simulation by Granino Arthur Korn

ISBN10: 0078522633
ISBN13: 978-0078522635
Author: Granino Arthur Korn
Title: Interactive Dynamic System Simulation
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (June 1, 1989)
Language: English
Size ePub: 1605 kb
Size PDF: 1285 kb
Rating: 3.6/5
Votes: 507
Subcategory: Computer Science

Interactive Dynamic System Simulation by Granino Arthur Korn

Showing you how to use personal computers for modeling and simulation, Interactive Dynamic-System Simulation, Second Edition provides a practical tutorial on interactive dynamic-system modeling and simulation. It discusses how to effectively simulate dynamical systems, such as aerospace vehicles, power plants, chemical processes, control systems, and physiological systems.

Written by a pioneer in simulation, the book introduces dynamic-system models and explains how software for solving differential equations works. After demonstrating real simulation programs with simple examples, the author integrates a new treatment of the difference equation programs needed to model sampled-data control systems with digital controllers. Subsequent chapters provide detailed programming know-how. These chapters cover library, table-lookup, user-definable, limiter, switching, and noise functions; an experiment-protocol scripting language; powerful vector and matrix operations; and classical simulation programs that illustrate a number of useful programming tricks. The final chapter shows how experiment-protocol scripts and compiled DYNAMIC program segments can quickly solve mathematical problems, including fast graph plotting, Fourier transforms, and complex-number plots.

CD-ROM Resource
The accompanying CD-ROM contains a complete, industrial-strength simulation program package. To install the ready-to-run simulation system, simply copy a single Windows or Linux folder from the CD. You can then run and modify every program example in the text or try your own projects. For truly interactive modeling, screen-edited programs are run-time compiled and immediately produce solution displays on a typed run command.

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