The Fourth Mega-Market, Now Through 2011

The Fourth Mega-Market, Now Through 2011 by Ralph J. Acampora, Michael D'Antonio

ISBN10: 0786866519
ISBN13: 978-0786866519
Author: Ralph J. Acampora, Michael D'Antonio
Title: The Fourth Mega-Market, Now Through 2011
Publisher: Hyperion; 1 edition (September 20, 2000)
Language: English
Size ePub: 1464 kb
Size PDF: 1898 kb
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 430
Subcategory: Investing

The Fourth Mega-Market, Now Through 2011 by Ralph J. Acampora, Michael D'Antonio

A proven leader in the financial world explains the current bull market--and how to profit from it--by comparing it to the great bull markets of the past.

Were you surprised by Wall Street's incredible performance over the past few years Ralph Acampora wasn't. In fact, Acampora, Prudential's top technical analyst, predicted the current bullish trend -- and helped countless clients profit from it. Now you can too.

Acampora coined the term mega-market to describe a bull market that lasts a minimum of ten years and a maximum of eighteen years with Dow gains of between 400% and 500%. In The Fourth Mega-Market, Acampora helps readers take advantage of the staggering performance of the current market by showing its similarities with the three previous mega-markets in American history. In an entertaining and straight-forward style, and with a wealth of informative charts and graphs, he helps readers recognize patterns that can explain market performance, showing how to use technical analysis to "hear the voices" of the market. He offers valuable tips, such as how to spot and protect yourself from a correction; how psychology and politics influence the market; and how to analyze the performance of various market segments. Finally, he makes exciting predictions on just where the market will go before it ends and how it will get there, giving specific recommendations. While today's information overload keeps us on the edge of our seats, scanning the numbers for subtle clues as to the market's next seismic shift, Ralph Acampora shows us the value of a larger perspective, one that not only explains today's mega-market, but also shows us how to keep investing our money wisely and ride high on the current wave.

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